VLC’s Modelling and Data Innovation team provides research, analytics and expert advice to clients who are looking to navigate the disruptions underway in the transport market landscape.

The transport market is undergoing its biggest transformation since the invention of the car. Its complexity is augmented by rapid urbanisation, digital disruption and population growth.

In this complex landscape policy-makers are seeking to inform their decisions with data-driven insight and solutions. Governments are working to improve transport infrastructure and customer experience against a backdrop of increasing population growth, congestion and public transport crowding. Added to this, the rise of the sharing economy, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and autonomous vehicles offer many opportunities as well as threats introducing yet more uncertainty.

VLC’s Modelling and Data Innovation team is committed to tackling these issues. Working in collaboration with government, academia and industry, we seek to provide answers to our client’s questions.

VLC supports its clients in transport, freight and land use model development as well as development and application of bespoke analytics; harnessing the power of big data to provide insight. This is backed up by our own in-house research and development in areas including MaaS, disaggregate modelling techniques and enhancements of our Zenith Strategic transport models. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest trends in the industry, placing us well to answer the questions of today and tomorrow.

We are also able to draw on our software and visualisation development capability for the benefit of our clients. In a world where increasingly complex modelling and analysis is being developed, this service is crucially important in ensuring the transparency, efficiency an effectiveness of existing and new modelling and analysis systems.