Public transport services are vital to the way our cities grow, develop and function. Particularly in our congested capitals, though also in regional areas, public transport is becoming an increasingly important way for our growing population to move around.

Investment in our public transport networks is critical to the success of our cities, however infrastructure is costly, and resources are not unlimited. At VLC, our team of public transport planners, who are supported in-house by economists and modellers, help public and private sector clients determine how best to invest in public transport.

Across a broad range of projects ranging in size from city-shaping mega-projects to local areas, we draw from a multitude of data sources to support our conclusions or recommendations.  This evidence-based approach is a core element that ties together each of our practice areas.


We are specialists in the following areas of public transport planning:

  • Network review and design
  • Community needs assessment
  • Bus operations planning
  • Accessibility analysis using tools such as Conveyal
  • Data analysis and analytics for public transport performance and operational data
  • Demand forecasting


Zenith for public transport brochure

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