Client requirements

The objective of the study was to develop a Strategic Blueprint for the ACTION bus service in Canberra for consideration by the ACT Government and stakeholders, especially considering its recent commitment to building the Canberra Light Rail. This study built on the considerable work already undertaken to review and reform transport in Canberra and further support evidence-based decision making by the ACT Government.


Delivered outcome

VLC’s transport modelling generated data that informed the assessment of needs, problems, and opportunities. This assessment underpinned the design of the proposed reconfigured bus service network, options assessment (strategic merit test) and the economic appraisal (rapid and full cost appraisal) of the proposed solutions. The approach required an iterative process of testing different options for bus routes. In this regard, VLC, worked closely with the other technical advisors to ensure that the transport modelling was seamlessly integrated with the design of the bus network and supports the economic analysis.

Image courtesy of Robert Myers