VLC’s transport policy team covers all facets of policy development. This includes goal setting, ideation, research, data analysis, stakeholder engagement, surveying, workshop facilitation, options analysis and the preparation of policy and strategy recommendations and reports.

The team leverages VLC’s tools and services and adds visioning, research, and analysis to identify and address the major challenges and opportunities that may create step changes or require a different approach. We assist our clients in setting a vision and navigating a path through the expected disruptions in the transport sector.

We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest trends in governance and industry, positioning us to be able to answer the questions of today and tomorrow, and provide a strong evidence base for decision makers.

We are specialists in the following areas of transport policy:

  • Emerging trends and disrupters
  • Future scenario development for modelling and economic analysis
  • Travel demand and congestion management
  • Road pricing and funding models
  • Travel behaviour change
  • Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure
  • Transport sector climate change mitigation strategies
  • Connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Micromobility and active transport
  • Parking policy
  • Integrated transport and land use