Transport infrastructure plays a fundamental role in shaping the physical, economic and social fabric of our cities. Our team of transport and public transport planners, engineers, modellers, economists and analysts deliver transport solutions that facilitate growth and prosperity for our clients and our communities.

Evidence-based advice for planning and investment is at the foundation of everything we do. We embrace innovation in technology, planning and the use of data to develop transport strategies that are practical and technically sound.

We pride ourselves on precise demand forecasts with integrity from our efficient and agile transport modelling tools. Our expertise in modelling and data analytics enables us to develop purposeful plans that address complex challenges.

Our multidisciplinary planning team works closely with private sector and government clients to deliver projects through a whole-of-system approach to multi-modal transport planning. We deliver practical and economical transport plans that meet the mobility needs of today without undermining the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

Across a broad range of projects ranging in size from city-shaping mega-projects to local areas, we draw from a multitude of data sources to support our conclusions or recommendations. This evidence-based approach is a core element that ties together each of our practice areas for transport and public transport planning.


We are specialists in:

  • Developing business cases, economic and financial assessments
  • Active transport planning
  • Priority infrastructure plans for local government
  • Assessment of environmental impacts of traffic and transport
  • Traffic and transport impact assessments
  • Local area traffic management plans
  • Multi-modal transport strategies
  • Freight planning
  • Integrated transport and land use planning
  • Project evaluation (strategic assessments through to investment-grade business cases)
  • Network review and design
  • Community needs assessment
  • Bus operations planning
  • Accessibility analysis using tools such as Conveyal
  • Data analysis and analytics for public transport performance and operational data
  • Demand forecasting


Zenith for public transport brochure

Zenith can be used to help solve your public transport challenges. Click the image below to learn how it can be used for your next public transport project: