VLC’s Modelling and Data Innovation capabilities provide research, analytics and expert advice to clients who need to make decisions on policy and projects in the face of uncertainty caused by technological and societal disruption.

Our services put innovation in data at the heart of our approach. This includes:

  • Analysing mobile location data from a wide range of sources including development of new inference algorithms
  • Specification of complex surveys including household travel and stated preference surveys
  • Working with sensor data including Bluetooth, WiFi and SCATS traffic data


We support clients in deriving a wide range of insights with use cases in all stages of transport planning and modelling. In transport planning this includes analysis of city-wide or hyper local travel patterns to understand the form and function of a place as well as to provide deep behavioural insight.

In modelling, we specialise in providing smarter ways to calibrate and validate models, even in data poor environments, for example through the use of mobile data.

We design and build advanced transport models, land use and freight models. This includes a strong capability in both research and development associated with Activity Based modelling. Our team can advise on step-wise model development programmes that combine the latest innovations with a strong focus on benefits and deliverability that is fit for the post-covid reality of changing behaviour and new policy imperatives.

Our technical experience in software, modelling, data science and visualisation ensures that our models and tools are version controlled, well documented, fit for purpose and provide interactive outputs suitable for all audiences.