VLC was engaged to provide an analysis of the local impact of park and ride users and advise on alternative potential measures to reduce congestion in the Council area and on the major corridors through the LGA.


Client requirements

VLC was engaged by the City of Glen Eira to rapidly assess the effectiveness of providing additional park and ride capacity at Elsternwick and Bentleigh stations on reducing congestion. VLC was also asked to provide advice about the potential for other measures, such as investment in active transport, to have an impact on congestion and how those initiatives might compare to park and ride. Council was also interested in understanding who would benefit from any additional commuter car parking – local residents or commuters from further afield.


Delivered outcome

VLC undertook analysis of mobile phone data to understand who was using the existing park and ride facilities and examine the potential impact on traffic volumes of additional parking facilities. This data allowed VLC to identify the origins of existing park and ride users to determine many were driving short distances (<2km) to access the stations, and to determine what proportion of park and ride users were using the facilities as free car parking and not using the train. In addition, VLC undertook a rapid literature review to assess the impact of other potential measures (such as investment in active transport or additional bus services) on congestion. In order to meet the City of Glen Eira’s urgent needs, a final report was delivered two weeks after the work was commissioned.