VLC was commissioned to assist Hatch in providing advisory services for the Future of Fremantle Planning Committee, on exploring the redevelopment options for the Fremantle Port, with the proposed relocation of Fremantle Port operations to Kwinana.

Client requirements

VLC assisted in analysing the current and future transport network challenges and opportunities under the ‘business as usual case’, as well as testing multiple future project scenarios. This encompassed changes to both road, public transport and active transport networks. The work was undertaken using the Zenith strategic transport model and looked at multi modal transport movements internally and externally of the project area. The project had a high focus on sustainable travel modes, with a mode share goal of 70%. The project also included multiple workshops with government and stakeholders.

Innovation achieved

The Zenith model was used in a way not necessarily ‘business as usual’. This project had a 70% sustainable mode share goal, which meant that focus was put on providing extensive active and public transport networks. Car ownership was used as a proxy for low car parking availability.