VLC were engaged to improve the functionality of OtTransit, which is the Public Transport assignment component in the OmniTRANS transport modelling software.

Before this work, when using the cordonMatrix functionality, a cordon matrix is produced which includes cordon boundary crossings that occur using any mode (walk access, rail leg, car egress, etc). The actual mode of crossing was lost in the cordon outputs.

This project involved splitting out the cordon matrices by access/egress mode combinations, so it would be possible to tell for example who entered the cordon by walk and exited by public transport. This was critical information for the client who wanted to produce a sub-area model, so they could differentiate between the different types of users within the sub-area.

Client requirements

The client wanted cordon matrices split out by access/egress mode combinations. They wanted this to reconstruct a sub-area model within the cordon boundary, which requires understanding the mode combinations to know whether someone passing through the cordon was doing so entirely by walking, taking public transport, walking in then taking public transport out, or some other combination.


VLC were able to deliver the functionality of split cordon matrices by access/egress mode, which satisfied the client and met their needs.

Innovation achieved

We were able to improve the functionality of our public transport assignment software, so we could obtain much more detailed public transport cordons when required.