Client requirements

VLC was engaged by Sydney Trains in conjunction with Red Ant to develop an Automated Customer Impact Estimator (STACIE) tool to assist Sydney Trains service planners to understand the scale and distribution of customer impacts of deviations from the standard timetable as well as the success of mitigation strategies such as rail-replacement buses. 


Delivered outcome

VLC processed the Opal and GTFS input data for the tool to estimate passenger loads for individual rail services and network segments. VLC then embedded a Zenith transit algorithm within a cloud-based operating environment allowing users to specify demand and supply scenarios and have rapid demand assignments and performance metrics be computed rapidly. We collaborated with Red Ant and Sydney Trains to identify user requirements, data formats, KPI formats and for the interface between user inputs, the assignment model and visualisation of results. Sydney Trains service planners can now use the tool to understand the effectiveness of various mitigation strategies to minimise customer disruption experienced from planned rail service changes.