This week Veitch Lister Consulting will be presenting at the Australasian Transport Research Forum in Sydney.

On Wednesday 30 September, at the morning session, Michiel Jagersma and Cameron Reid will present their work on Application of Streamline in Australian Cities. The presentation will focus on applications of the Zenith Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) model to strategic planning projects in South East Queensland. Zenith DTA models are underpinned by the StreamLine framework within the OmniTRANS software package. These models are created directly from existing macroscopic, strategic models. Rather than integrating microsimulation with mesoscopic models, StreamLine integrates macroscopic and mesoscopic models. As a result of the relatively simple input needs, Zenith DTA model development can be extremely cost and time effective whilst still providing a wide array of detailed outputs, supporting decision-making at both local and state levels. Our leader of research, Jamie Cook will also attend the conference and together with Michiel and Cameron will be happy to answer all questions about the transport modelling research and development work we currently do.