VLC achieves carbon neutrality again
VLC achieves
carbon neutrality again
VLC’s Zenith Traffic Estimates now available in GapMaps Live
VLC’s Zenith Traffic
Estimates now available
in GapMaps Live
Focus on VLC Europe
Focus on
VLC Europe
Making planning
accessible with
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Outdoor advertising
audience measurement
moves into the future
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Our people have a passion for shaping mobility and transport to:

  • connect communities
  • power economic growth
  • build smarter cities
  • create a sustainable future

Our projects

Our expertise

Our Solutions

Planwisely urban analytics platform

Planwisely is a fast and easy to use cloud-based mapping platform which enables urban planners, transport planners, community services planners and key decision-makers to gain insights into the urban form.

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Zenith multi-modal transport modelling

Zenith is a comprehensive and constantly expanding travel demand model. Its distinguishing feature is its ability to accurately simulate public transport systems and services, as well as the characteristics and performance of the road system.

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Sitewisely site selection platform

Sitewisely is a powerful and flexible cloud-based platform which provides businesses with the data required to find, evaluate and compare potential locations, and choose their site wisely.

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Spatial integrated land use modelling

VLC has developed an integrated land use model – Spatial – which is a technically robust yet simple model that is designed to integrate seamlessly with strategic transport models.

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