Leading urban economics expert Stuart Donovan (VLC Executive Consultant, Sustainable Cities) will soon be offering his extensive knowledge to Australian and New Zealand audiences in a series of in-person short courses.

Registration is currently open for the upcoming short courses in Brisbane (21-23 June) and Auckland (July 3-5, 2023), with limited spots available. You can register for the Brisbane course and the Auckland course. The course is designed for people with a variety of academic backgrounds and professions and no formal training in economics is required.

Event attendees will learn a wide variety of urban economics concepts and consider their implications for policy, including the monocentric city model, agglomeration economies, transport economics, the Rosen-Roback Model, heterogeneity and sorting, infrastructure policy, the economics of place, housing markets and policy, planning and policy development and land use policy.

Stuart will be leading the course, drawing on his 18 years’ experience working as both a consultant and a researcher in Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. Stuart has been running similar urban economics courses for the past five years.

“Even though Australia is already one of the most urbanised countries in the world, the share of people that live and work in our cities and towns is projected to grow,” says Stuart.

“Trends like this, which are common globally, motivated me to develop and deliver this urban economics short course where my co-presenters and myself will help you understand the forces that have shaped our cities and towns to this point and how these forces might change in the future”

VLC is co-hosting the Brisbane short courses with Ethos Urban’s Mark Case (Director, Economics) – taking place at Griffith University’s South Brisbane campus – and MRCagney’s Shane Martin (Principal Economist) in Auckland, which will be held at The Powerplant. Each course will run from 8:30am until 4:00pm local time, with three areas of interest covered in depth each day.

Spots are limited so early registration is recommended – more information regarding course content can be found in the flyers below:

Brisbane (21-23 June 2023)

Auckland (3-5 July 2023)

Auckland Urban Economics Short Course VLC