VLC, partnering with City Science, is pleased to announce our first strategic multi-modal model development appointment in the UK – working with Thurrock Council to develop a strategic transport modelling framework and preparing an assessment to inform the preparation of the new Local Plan.

Tom van Vuren, Project Director says: “The model will adhere to the spirit of TAG, using industry standard tools, but introducing innovation in data and model output visualisation. VLC will build on 35 years of success in developing, maintaining, and operating strategic transport models for each of the Australian capital cities, and my previous experience of building and using similar models in Birmingham, Liverpool and other metropolitan cities around the world.”

Our approach to building the Thurrock model is to utilise existing data from nearby models and Open Source data to deliver consistency, reduced risk and financial efficiencies, making best use of existing assets and allowing for flexibility in the further development of the tools.

Claire Stephens, Associate Director at VLC Europe adds: “Recognising the complementarity of the skills between VLC and City Science, we will be working as one team, with the integration of all parts of the model build being key to the successful delivery to Thurrock Council.”