VLC has developed two web-based spatial platforms to meet the needs of customers, allowing users to visualise their own data and collaborate easily with colleagues.

Planwisely Used by planners to gain insights into the urban form and understand movement from a detailed street level through to a strategic, regional level.

Sitewisely Trusted by private sector clients to find, evaluate and compare potential locations for business leveraging demographic, land use, and traffic data.


Key Features

  • Transport modelling data
  • Demographics
  • Mobility analytics
  • Geolocation mobile app data
  • Catchment analysis
  • Land-use and planning schemes
  • Socio-economic indicators



With complex data displayed in a meaningful and easily understood manner, users can make well-informed decisions, regarding zoning, planning policy, traffic analysis and environmental impact. Clients without extensive GIS experience can easily draw insights through applying the various spatial layers and filters, while those with strong GIS capabilities can use the platform to effectively share data and analysis with their audiences in a highly visual way.

Planwisely offers advanced mobility analytics, geolocation mobile app data analysis, a catchment tool, and land-use insights among hundreds of other datasets, as well as the ability to visualise their own data and share them collaboratively among colleagues.

Unique to transport modelling, Planwisely allows ingestion of data across:

  • Different scenarios and projects
  • Analysis of network outputs across all modes of transport
  • Travel demand analysis and visualisation
  • Mode, time period, and other demand segmentation


“Where previously multiple platforms and even teams were required to investigate gaps in services for communities, now a single planner can carry out spatial analysis.”   State government client

Click here to visit the Planwisely website.



Sitewisely assists private sector clients in better understanding data so that they can find, evaluate and compare potential locations. Whether they are starting out, growing or downsizing, Sitewisely can help. The platform allows the user to view demographics of their target customers and understand how people are moving around the site. More specifically, it offers VLC’s proprietary dataset of Zenith Traffic Estimates nationwide, offering a better understanding of the site’s traffic exposure. Sitewisely also offers information about upcoming infrastructure planned in the area and visualises all datasets on an easy-to-use, interactive map.

The extensive database includes:

  • Demographics
  • Points of Interest
  • Socio-economic data
  • Crime statistics
  • Planned Transport Infrastructure
  • Zenith
  • Traffic Estimates
  • Average Vehicle Kilometres
  • Fuel Consumption


Click here to visit the Sitewisely website.